Miasms & Chronic Cases

Join us for an in-depth Study of Miasms and Practical application in Chronic Cases

Tarkeshwar Jain M.D.

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Date February 2 & 3 2019
Time Saturday 9 am – 5pm & Sunday 9am – 5pm
Location Yo-San University 13315 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90066

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This seminar is for new and experienced homeopaths. Dr. Jain will share his knowledge on Miasms, treating Chronic Cases and how to deal with them.

Miasms & Chronic Cases: Today there are many patients who seek homeopathic treatment and come in with their long laundry list of ailments. Some of these patients have tried many other treatments before they came to see you and nothing seem to help them yet. In this seminar you will see Dr. Jain discuss maisms in treating chronic cases. Sometimes this is the key to help the case move forward. Through his mastery of case taking, Dr. Jain will help you grasp the nuances to enhance your own ability to treat these cases.

  • Unique challenges with taking chronic cases
  • Case taking, analysis and case management
  • Miasms
  • Video cases

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