Cancellation Policy

  • Tuition is for the full year whether you pay in installments or in full.
  • There is no refund if you miss a session.
  • We reserve the right to postpone or cancel LASH sessions.

Withdrawal from this program is accomplished by;

  • Submitting written notice to the administration, and is effective upon the administration’s receipt of the notice.
  • The student has a right to a full refund of all charges less the non-refundable registration fee, for the first year if he/she cancels this agreement prior to the first day of instruction.

In addition, the student may withdraw from the school;

  • After instruction, has begun the student may receive a 50% tuition refund, if tuition was paid in full, if the student has completed no more than two sessions of instruction.
  • After November 1st, there will be no refunds.
  • If a student has been expelled there is no refund after November 1st.

Postponement and Cancellation

If a class session is postponed;

  • You will be informed of a new date and no refund will be given.
  • If a class or the rest of the year of the LASH Course is cancelled, then you will be refunded the amount for the rest of the classes that you have paid for.
  • LASH is not responsible for any expenses incurred by you or other persons because of your registration, attendance at, postponement of, or cancellation of a class.

Missed Session Policy

  • If a student misses a session, they can make up a class at a time by watching the LASH recording of that class, if it is available.
  • We recommend that you obtain class notes from another student so you can keep up with the rest of the class.