Pat Deacon HMC

Exploring the Lanthanides

The Lanthanides are essential to homeopathic practice today!

Join us for a 2 Day Seminar with Pat Deacon who is wonderful teacher!

This seminar will be a fun and informative with lots of opportunities for interaction and discussion.

The Lanthanides were first discovered in Sweden in the 1700’s.  They came into use mostly around the middle of the last century. The Lanthanides are the row of remedies on the Periodic Table that belong to the Gold Series and yet are distinctive from it. They are, in a way, the internalized version of the more externally focused Gold Series remedies. The Lanthanides are found deep within the Earth and are hard to extract, just like the patients who need them. This seminar will help you understand these remedies of the Periodic Table.

PLEASE RSVP Seating is Limited!
Date: May 2 & 3 2020
Time: 9 am – 5pm
Location: Yo-San University: 13315 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles CA , 90066
Fee: $275

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Exploring the Lanthanides and how to use them in your Practice!

Pat will cover the following topics:

  • What are the Lanthanides? Where are they found and what are they used for outside of homeopathy?
  • The Lanthanide remedies.
  • What conditions are the Lanthanides best at treating?
  • The profile of a Lanthanide patient.
  • The characteristics of the Lanthanide Salts and Colors.
  • What other remedies can resemble Lanthanides?
  • The differentiation between Lanthanides, birds, “Lanthanide plants”, Actinides, Gems, and others.