Three-year Homeopathy program providing a solid foundation in the principles of homeopathy while incorporating contemporary approaches. Program includes Mentorship and Clinic Internship leading to a diploma as a Professional Homeopath.

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(Due to the Pandemic, classes will be held online until further notice.  Long distance students can take all classes online.)

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Covid-19 Acute Care Homeopathic Clinic

During the Pandemic the School has launched a Covid-19 Acute Care Homeopathic Clinic

We are seeing patients for 15-minute acute care appointments daily via telemedicine. You will be seen by one of our practicing Homeopaths. For an appointment please call 310 279-5016 and donate either $35, $45 or $55 and we will accommodate you within our schedule as soon as we can.

Tips on how to use Homeopathy with Covid-19 Physical Symptoms

Mental & Emotional Help with Homeopathy during the Covid-19 Crisis

Flu Remedies for 2020-2021

COVID-19 Vaccine

Congratulations Graduates of 2021, the school is so proud of all of you and we are so grateful to our fabulous teachers and mentors for sharing their homeopathic wisdom with you over the past 3 years!


Homeopathy, First Aid & Summertime

Date: Saturday, August 7th, 2021
Time: 10am – 3pm
Location: Online Class only
Fee: *$55

Recorded: Will be recorded incase you can’t join us live

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of treating yourself, your family, safely and effectively using Homeopathic remedies.
Learn how to treat common ailments in the summertime, such as: 
  • Sunburn
  • Bug Bites
  • Digestive Upsets
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Bumps & Bruises

This workshop will introduce you to the use of homeopathy for you or your family. Be prepared to leave this workshop with the knowledge you need to know about when to use homeopathy, how to select a remedy and how best to administer the remedy for the most effective results.

*If you decide to join us for our 1st Year Homeopathic Program in September, the cost of this workshop will go towards your tuition fees!

2 Hour Free Presentation!

Admissions Day & Book Sale

Los Angeles School of Homeopathy

Homeopathy as a Career

If you are considering a career change or would like to enhance your existing practice, 

find out if Homeopathy is truly what you have been looking for!

Homeopathy is a complete system within itself, a tremendously rich tapestry that captures the hearts of those who study it and touches them deeply—Dr. Todd Rowe, Homeopath

WHEN: Saturday, August 14, 2021

TIME: 9:45am

PRESENTATION:  10am – 12pm

BOOK SALE: 9:30am – 1pm

WHERE: 13323 W. Washington Blvd, Suite 202 Los Angeles CA 90066


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About the School

“Forty years ago my homeopathic education was very different from how I view homeopathic education today. I wanted to co-create an inspirational learning environment that would enable students of homeopathy to grasp a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of our healing art. I’m excited that this school teaches with new and innovative techniques that inspire students to reach a high level of homeopathic practice. I especially like that starting in the 2nd year this school offers a Mentorship and Internship Clinic program that helps students become confident homeopathic practitioners.”
–Louis Klein

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Our Students Say…

“Avghi told me on the first day of school that there would be an “A-ha!”. The teachers bring experience, enthusiasm and diversity to each lecture. I look forward to my weekends in school as a new adventure that constantly challenges me. The faculty and school support my efforts and encourage me to grow as I study to become a homeopath.”
– H.G., Simi Valley, CA

“At the Los Angeles School of Homeopath, their way of teaching is amazing and you have provided me such a great grounding and loved going through the Organon.”
-M.J., WA

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How to Enroll

After you have contacted the school and have received the school forms, the School enrollment coordinator will contact you by email or phone to discuss the course. This is an excellent opportunity for you to clarify aspects of the course that you might need further details on.

Enrollment Criteria: Prerequisites
• 18 years of age
• High school diploma or GED
• Have an open mind!
• Access to a computer

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