Co – Founder:
Avghi Constantinides D. Hom HMC RSHom MA

World-renowned homeopath and educator, Louis Klein, describes Avghi as one of the best Homeopaths that California has to offer. Together they co-founded the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy. With a passion for helping others Avghi has been in private practice since 1995 in Marina Del Rey, California. When you meet her you’re struck by the air of calmness and tranquility that surrounds her. Her caring, non-judgmental presence makes it easy to trust her. Carl Rogers, the founder of the human potential movement, said that simply to listen understandingly to a person and attempt to convey that understanding, are potent forces for individual healing. Avghi truly embodies that philosophy.

It was her adventurous spirit that put her on her path to natural healing. Her fascination with how other cultures treat illness has taken her from native healers in the South African bush to the Australian aborigines. From them she learned there are remedies that treat the whole person and help heal all ailments.

She holds a Diploma in Homeopathy, a certification as a Homeopathy Master Clinician, and a Master of Arts in Homeopathy. In addition, she completed a BSc in Nutrition and studied Bach flowers and Iridology, which helps provide her with further tools to draw on.

Avghi has been a guest speaker on radio shows, online forums and TV.

She is a member of the North American Homeopathic Society, the National Center for Homeopathy and the North American Network of Homeopathic Educators.

Outside of her Homeopathic practice she continues to help others. She has worked for many years with children with disabilities including autism and Down Syndrome.

The same passion that she brings to helping people permeates her private life. Her many interests include sailboat racing, cooking, yoga, and cultural pursuits. At heart, she’s an adventurer, who loves a challenge. She has done bungee jumping, ran marathons, jumped out of a plane, and ridden her bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles for charity.

Her personal rejuvenation comes in being close to nature, riding the waves on a sailboat, zipping down the ski slopes, or hiking in the mountains.

Listen to Avghi on Professional Round Table Empire Radio with Crystal McCoy.

Co – Founder:
Louis Klein FS Hom

With over 40 years of continuous practice and teaching, Louis Klein is acknowledged by many other Homeopaths as a leader in the Homeopathic profession and as an exceptional practitioner. He has been called “a teacher of teachers of Homeopathy” by one senior practitioner. “As much as I have traveled the world teaching Homeopathy, I realize the greatest satisfaction comes from helping individuals and their families, friends and acquaintances through good results.” Louis said. “I don’t guarantee these results, but I have seen that the majority of individuals who come to see me are helped in a profound way. This is always my goal.”

Louis practices in Vancouver and Bowen Island, Canada, where he lives with his wife.

For 35 years he has been the primary teacher of the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course. This course is one of the most well attended graduate courses on Homeopathy for advanced practitioners.

He has been instrumental in putting the profession into the 21st century through the development and research into new techniques and the introduction of new remedies. He has lectured extensively throughout the world and has published numerous articles in professional Homeopathic journals and other magazines. He has authored many books. His books are always received enthusiastically for their introduction of groundbreaking information, and the clarity they bring to the subject. His initial studies included the Bay Area Study Group, seminars and personal study with George Vithoulkas M.I.H., with the Athenian School of Homeopathic Medicine, Bill Gray MD., and other masters of Homeopathy. He has a degree from the London College of Classical Homeopathy. Though Louis Klein is not a licensed medical doctor, among many professional credentials, he is a member in good standing of both the United Kingdom and North American Society of Homeopaths, organizations for the registration of professional Homeopaths. He is the founder and past president of the North American Society of Homeopaths.

Louis Klein was awarded the title of Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths “in recognition of an outstanding contribution and service to Homeopathy”.